Cremation over Burial?

Funerals are special moments which happen only once in a lifetime and hence need to be unique. The functioning and procedures of a funeral are conducted according to the likes and interests of people closely associated with the one saying goodbye. And an emerging trend in this regard is how people prefer cremating the body over burial. So here are a few reasons why people prefer doing this.


A growing problem in this regard is the availability of space as burial requires a lot of space. As cremation is a more comfortable choice which does not require space, people tend to opt for it.


On comparison, one can quickly notice that cremation costs way lesser than burial. Grave or headstone are factors which add up additional costs when it comes to burial and such expenses can be avoided when it comes to cremation.

Ashes as a Sign of Remembrance

Earlier people used to bury the body as it gives them moments where they get to visit the place and spend certain moments remembering the departed. But due to economic reasons and problems related to space, people are not able to do so and hence prefer ashes as a mark of remembrance.

Give it Back

Certain people want their bodies to be donated to science and research as their last wish. The main reason people opt for this is that they want to live on even after death. Hence their bodies are not buried. Instead, it is cremated once the organs are put to use.

Always with us

Cremating the body lets you keep the urn in a particular manner in your home. This gives you the feeling that the person is still with you and will be there forever.

Modern Technology

Due to advancements in the field of technology, cremated remains can be transformed into various things. A notable thing in this regard is diamond. People have started the process of cremating the remains and turning it into a diamond which holds as a great piece of remembrance.

Lets you go Green

Unlike the population, the earth comes with limited space. Each time you bury a body, you take a particular portion of this space and the need for this space increases depending upon the number of people opting for burial. Due to this specific reason, awareness programs are conducted arising the need for cremation over burial. Hence people are going ahead with cremating rather than burial.

Popular Choice

Unlike the old days, people now want to be cremated rather than being buried, and everyone associated with this individual will not want to let this last wish go in vain. Hence as a sign of respect, people tend to opt for cremating.

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